Hot Springs Gumbo & Crawfish Festival
Gumbo Cookoff Team Rules

Now accepting applications for gumbo cook-off teams for our festival.

You can apply online and submit your payment here. You can also download a printable copy of the rules and application and submit them with your payment by mail.
PRIZES: First Place: $250 and a gaudy trophy. Second Place: $100 and a trophy. Third Place: $50. Crowd Favorite $100.



1.  A. Have no less than seven (7) gallons of gumbo and appropriate amount of rice available for attendee sampling;
     B. Present one twelve (12) ounce sample for judging;
     C. Be willing to taste your own Gumbo.

2.  Agree that only proteins, vegetables, and stock/broth may be prepped in advance. Roux and the gumbo product must be cooked on site. No boxed mixes or commercially prepared roux products permitted.

3.  Agree that the Head Cook is responsible for the conduct of their team members and compliance with the rules and regulations herein set forth (four $10.00 passes will be included in entry fee).

4.  Agree that the Head Cook will be responsible for ensuring the booth area is kept clean and the teams are responsible for their own garbage.

5.  Agree that failure to follow the rules will be grounds for disqualification.


AROMA – should smell appetizing

CONSISTENCY – should be smooth combination meat/seafood or roux

COLOR – should look appetizing

TASTE – should taste good, pleasing to the palate

AFTERTASTE – should leave a pleasant taste after swallowing

Propane stove and fuel or a generator (no electricity will be available) cooking pots, serving utensils, tables, chairs and water for preparation and clean-up. Serving cups and spoons will be supplied by the cook off committee.

YOU MAY NOT offer food items other than gumbo and rice to festival attendees.

YOU MAY NOT sell any items at the festival.

YOU MAY give away recipes and novelty items to promote your business or organization.

April 21, 2018; 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm; Team set-up begins at 8:00am; open to public at 2:00 pm; turn in sample at 3:00 pm, Prizes awarded at 5:30 pm. Entry deadline: April 1, 2018.

Hill Wheatley Plaza, 629 Central Avenue, Downtown Hot Springs

For more information please contact Bert Clevenger, Spa City Blues Society

This event produced by:

Spa City Blues Society
PO Box 4270
Hot Springs, AR 71914